“$1 of every $2 Americans spend is on real estate and transportation. It doesn’t have to be that way.”
“Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul.”

A Socioeconomic Split Along Class Lines, in Favor of iPhone Over Android.

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“The market for screen sizes is trending towards the small. According to data released by IDC, the market for tablets with smaller screens (7-8 inches) is expected to dwarf the market for larger screen sizes (8-11 inches). According to the report, by 2017 small tablets will account for 230 million shipments, compared to larger tablets, which will account for only 135 million shipments. On top of this, the combined mobile phone and tablet markets will continue to dwarf the larger-screened desktop market, according to a Gartner research report.”
“So far, there aren’t clear signs of quite what it is that smartwatches and fitness trackers are replacing, in the way that those music players did. Useful new technology has to replace or simplify some function, ideally; otherwise it has the challenge of persuading us that we need this entirely new thing. Smartphones are simpler ways to collect your email – and also make phone calls and surf the web (and so on).”
“Kids like us — as long as we have the cameras and creativity — can make anything we want”
“This class action is necessary to end the NCAA’s unlawful cartel, which is inconsistent with the most fundamental principles of antitrust law.”

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“experiences bring us happiness not just when we’re having the experience, but also when we simply think about them.”
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For a long while, the story we told ourselves as Americans was a simple one: This was a country of unlimited promise and potential. The keys to success weren’t wealth, power, or connections, but ability, ambition, and drive. A job, a family, a home with a yard to mow and gutters to clean: All these things were attainable to anyone, from anywhere, in exchange for a modicum of sweat and a quantity of tears. Life was a ladder, there to be climbed.

In the last few decades, a darker story has taken root. In this version, the American dream is really more of a contract, one larded with fine print and onerous clauses. The life you’re working toward, the one so much “better and richer and fuller” than what you’ve experienced, is always just out of reach — hiding, perhaps, behind that next promotion, that next child, that next wife. From the writings of John Cheever and Richard Wright to the travails of Don Draper and D’Angelo Barksdale, these stories suggest an America built on a bill of goods, not a bill of rights. It’s a cruel trick, realized too late: Someone has tipped the ladder sideways, the rungs casting shadows tall as prison bars.

Red Harvest by @andygreenwald
“The ubiquitous GIF, a 27-year-old image format that has grown into an Internet artform, is becoming obsolete.”

Pinterest has began adding pins it thinks you might like to your feed from people you don’t follow. Discovery vector and ad precursor. So far at least half have been quite nice.